9th chords

The 9th Chord is frequently used in styles like funk, pop and jazz. The chord is constructed by adding the ninth note in the scale to a dominant chord. The C9 for example, includes the following notes: C, E, G, Bb and D.



  • C9 chord


  • D9 chord


  • E9 chord


  • F9 chord


  • G9 chord


  • A9 chord


  • B9 chord

More chords

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hand grip on guitar neckComment

As you can see above in the illustrations the 9th chords are moveable and therefore really simple to memorize. To play the chord you have to lay your ring finger over the three highest strings (see picture to the right).

Chord progressions

If you know how to play a 12 Bar Blues chord progression you can mix it up by replacing the IV7 and V7 with IV9 and V9. In other words, a 12 Bar Blues progression could look something like:

A7 – D9 – A7 – E9 – D9 – A.

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