The ukulele is like a mini guitar, it has four strings instead of six and much smaller size. In the last years, the ukulele has seen a renaissance. The music stores have experienced increased demand for the instrument and it can also be noticed that artists have taken up on it. An example is Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam who in the year 2011 released a solo album with ukulele songs.


There are several tunings that are common for ukulele. However, there is one that can be called standard, and that is: G C E A. With this tuning you will play in the key of C.

Ukulele standard tuning

Another common tuning is A D F# B in the key of D. A third variant is D G B E and know you are playing in the key of G.


Because the lesser space for the fingers compared to a guitar there are usually one, two or three fingers involved playing a chord. Often you will only use one or two fingers. Here are some of the first chords you should learn on ukulele. The diagrams are for chords while using the G C E A tuning.

   A chord      C chord       D chord        F chord       G chord
ukulele chords diagrams