Moveable chord shapes

By learning moveable shapes you will instantly know all chords in a particular category. For example, if you learn the shape for the A9 chord you will automatically know A#/Bb9, B9, C9 and so on. That is because you only have to move the same chord shape up or down the fretboard. One of the advantages of moveable chords is when it comes to more uncommon chords that you don’t use very often. This overview will teach you plenty of chords, but you only need to memorize one chord from every category.

6th chord

The 6th chord includes four notes, a major and an added sixth. For example, C6 consist of C, E, G and A. You can use the chord shape below to play the 6th chord in all twelve notes.

chord shape 6th chord

As you can see the second and the highest strings you not be played. An easy way to mute the second string is to touch it with your index finger. The root of the chord is on the first string. Consequently, you find G6 on the third fret, A6 on the fifth fret and so on. See the fretboard overview if needed.

9th chord

Here is another relative uncommon chord that you can learn by only memorizing one moveable shape.

The 9th chord consists of five notes and is built by adding the ninth to a dominant chord. The C9, for example, includes the following notes: C, E, G, Bb and D.

chord shape 9th chord

11th chord

The 11th chord remains a little of the 9th chord shape. This chord consists of six notes, but in the shape below only four are used. There is more way to play this chord, but it isn't necessary to play all notes in the chord. The notes in the chord are the root, the third, the minor seventh and the eleventh.

chord shape 11th chord

13th chord

The 13th chord consists of seven notes! It is, therefore, even not possible to play all notes simultaneously on a six-stringed guitar. Neither is this wanted, since it would create dissonance. Instead we choose the most important notes and this result in many variations of how the chord could be played, even as a moveable chord there is many variations. If one moveable shape could be called standard, it would be this one:

chord shape 13th chord

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