Sus2 chords

Sus2 chords are formed with the second note in the chord lowered one step. In addition to sus2 there is sus4, that is some more common. If you see instructions to play a chord like Esus or Asus it is usually not sus2 but sus4 chords.

The shift from the original major chord to the sus chord is for the most part easy done. Below you can see that the difference from a major chord to its "sus2 version" is not very big:

c chordcsus2 choord
C major                                       Csus2

There are two differences: 1) on the fourth string the tone is lowered one step from E to D, 2) you don't play the highest open string because this is an E note. When shifting from C to Csus2 you should therefore only lift the long finger and don't move the rest of the fingers.



  • Csus2 chord


  • Dsus2 chord


  • Esus2 chord


  • Esus2 chord


  • Gsus2 chord


  • Asus2 chord


  • Asus2 chord

More chords

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Chord progressions

The Tom Petty song "Feel A Whole Lot Better" makes use of sus chords in a riff:

A - Asus2 - A - Asus4 - A - Asus2 - A.

The song also includes the chords E , F#m, B, Bm, D and G.

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